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Rosa Mundi Handknits Pattern Testing

Rosa Mundi Handknits patterns are checked for clarity and errors by way of a testing period before publication. Volunteer knitters make the design for themselves with their own yarn while providing feedback about the process, the yarn they used and the final results. Knitters testing the same design are able to share the experience in a Ravelry chat thread so testing is much like a knit-along! Testers who complete the test receive a gift copy of the final pattern at publishing time.


Testers are notified of a testing call by an email with the following information: a photo, a description, the type of yarn or a specific brand/label if necessary, the amount of yarn needed, the skills required and the deadline for the test. Testers examine the details and then decide whether or not they would like to apply for the test.


If you think you would like to be a pattern tester, please read our Pattern Testing Guidelines. Apply for the RMH Testers Team by sending the following information in an email to

  • First Name

  • Ravelry Name

  • Questions

Please type RMH Tester Application in the subject line. A reply to your application and questions will be sent by email as soon as possible. Information you provide will only be used to send you pattern testing calls and testing communication.


Testing Team members will join an email list dedicated only to testing. At any time testers can unsubscribe by using the link in the email footer.


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