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Rosa Mundi Handknits designs require the contributions of several people.


Years ago, Elizabeth Newton learned what fun it was to knit with friends. Over time she found that knitting was immensely creative, absorbing and satisfying. A serendipitous conversation resulted in her spending more than seven years working as an assistant to Penny Straker. Elizabeth strives to create designs that are fun to knit and wear. She envisions her knitwear in all places, from country walks to the streets of New York City. She lives in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, surrounded by farms near the sea.

Technical Editor

Allison O'Mahoney is a technical editor who loves helping independent designers produce professional quality patterns that knitters will love to knit. Allison lives in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, where she can usually be found within arm's reach of her knitting bag and calculator (and quite often either a coffee or a pint, depending on the time of day). Kniterations

Technical Editor

Susanne Visch is a technical editor and designer based in the Netherlands.
As a full-service technical editor for both knitting and crochet patterns she
helps designers publish patterns that are technically correct while also
making certain that the instructions are as clear as possible. Her cats "help"
her with this. 
La Visch Designs


Andrea Berger loves the way knitting and wearing wool keep us connected to nature and our creativity. She is a holistic educator integrating movement, meditation, baking and parenting. Living between city and country, she works with bringing into balance the pushes and pulls of contemporary living.

Ed was honored to model his hands for Rosa Mundi’s beautiful gloves!
He is an actor/director/writer/clown and clown professor based in New York. For more see and

Photographer, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Nadine Freniere as a multi-media designer, collaborates with Elizabeth on the branding of Rosa Mundi, producing design, photography and illustration. Nadine's visual portfolio brand is at Nadine also acts, writes and directs. Her acting site is

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