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The following Testing Process Guidelines will be updated from time to time. Testing Team members may request a copy of the guidelines.

Testing Call Announcements

When there is a testing call, you will receive an email containing the following information about that specific test of a new design. Please read the details very carefully and make sure you will be able to follow through before you apply for the test.


  • photo

  • description

  • type of yarn or a specific brand/label if that will be necessary

  • amount of yarn needed

  • skills required

  • expectations for final photos - either on a model or using no model

  • deadline for test


Applications to Join a Test

Testing call emails include an application consisting of questions to answer in a reply email to me.


What Testers Need

In addition to yarn and notions, testers need the following:

Camera – smart phone and tablet cameras are usually able to take wonderful photos. If yours do not then consider using a stand-alone digital camera.

Kitchen scale – it will be necessary to know how many yards/meters of yarn were needed to complete the project. You will weigh all your yarn before beginning and weigh leftover yarn at the end. If you start with new balls of yarn, you may use the ball band information and simply weigh leftover yarn at the end. This is very important work.

Ravelry Account – Testers need a Ravelry account for two reasons. Initially, I will view your work by looking at your projects in Ravelry. If you have other places where you maintain a public profile, and I can see your work there as well, then by all means please let me know. The second reason for the Ravelry account is so that you can communicate with other testers, and myself, in a chat thread in the Rosa Mundi Handknits & Beckside Farm Ravelry group.


Considerations When Selecting Testers for a Pattern

Testers are accepted based on my specific needs for the pattern to be tested. I take into consideration things like yarn to be used, size selected, your ability to meet the timeline, your projects posted on Ravelry, and other public profiles, your experience and past performance. You will be notified as soon as possible about your request to participate. The number of testers working on a given design will be limited in number.


Testers’ Responsibilities

1. After receiving the draft pattern by email, you will create a Ravelry project page using the test-code provided. Testers post communications about the test - i.e. missing or incorrect information, mistakes, progress photos, etc., in the pattern’s dedicated test thread in the Rosa Mundi Handknits & Beckside Farm Ravelry group. Please do not share about issues in the test in any other online postings. Please keep all comments in the dedicated Ravelry test thread. Issues arising in the test will need to be corrected before the pattern is published.

2. You are asked to work the pattern as written. However, if modifications are needed then please let me know before going ahead. Minor modifications are often just fine. Information gained from modifications can be very helpful.

3. I ask that you check in with an update in the Ravelry test thread at least once a week. Get in touch at other times as well if you need to do so. Please let me know about anything that is not clear. Is there a sizing issue? Are there spelling errors? Is there any wording that could be improved? Please send me at least three photos at the mid-point of the testing period. Toward the end of the test you will receive a simple questionnaire by email.

4. After finishing the project, post at least one photo of your finished project in the test thread. Please send a copy of that photo to me by email. If I wish to share any of your photos on Ravelry, or anywhere else, I will get your permission first. I will inform you of the pattern release date. On that date, testers’ project pages will be automatically linked to the pattern page. In order for a tester to receive a gift copy of the finished pattern, I will need the following:

  • Finished project photo was received

  • Questionnaire was completed

  • Ravelry project page is definitely linked to new pattern’s page

5. Testers sometimes cannot finish their test knit before the deadline. Please let me know if it seems that you will miss the deadline. Life does not always go as expected and some flexibility is possible.


Designer’s Responsibilities

1. I will watch the RMH & Beckside Farm Ravelry group test thread to follow your progress, read feedback and answer questions during the test.

2. I will try to respond to questions promptly.

3. I will listen to tester feedback and apply the information to the pattern, if possible.

4. I will keep testers apprised of the pattern’s release, especially the publication date.

5. I will be aware that people engage in testing because they love doing so!


Kind regards,

Elizabeth Newton

Rosa Mundi Handknits

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